An “asteroid” shooting through the skies with multi-dimensional grace and freedom, 4 mounting points cable camera system “Robycam”.
Experience for yourself the excitement of creating footage that fascinates the world.

05_img SPORTS

Team Robycam

100th All Japan Track and Field Championship. Various competitions were held where athletes competed to win the right to represent Japan at Rio Olympics Games. An engineer from Movicom (the manufacturer company of Robycam system) came over to Japan to participate in this shoot. It was a perfect chance for Team Robycam including our president Mr. Mikami to thoroughly check the system and be best prepared to shoot.

roby_02 SPORTS

Art of physical strength and speed

NHK Cup Tournament was held to select gymnasts who would represent Japan at Rio Olympics. Our camera system, suspended from 4 mounting points inside of the venue, allowed for the shots that were previously impossible – top-down from high angle, showing the breath-taking moments and intricate play of muscle tempered by vigorous exercise. Our 3D cable system created three-dimensional footage of competing athletes, showing the strength, speed, grace and beauty of their performance.

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A reason we cannot lose!

Soccer match: Japan VS Afghanistan. The battle was hot not only on the soccer field, but at the control station of Robycam system as well, where the pilot tracked every turn of the course of the fight. Successfully piloting the aerial cable system requires tremendous skill and caution – to keep with the speed of the athletes, to capture the most important turning points of the match. The only people who have the right to seat in operator’s chair are those who completed the training and received an official international license.

roby_01 SPORTS

Challenge of new Nadeshiko Japan

Newly formed team was facing Rio Olympics Qualifying Tournament. At the Osaka’s Kincho Stadium Robycam followed every move of female soccer players and supporters united in their strong wish for victory. Dynamic camera work with unique shots like top-down view at players forming a circle and embracing each other before the match and wide three-dimensional moves allowed the audience in front of their screens to fully feel the future potential of new generation of athletes.

01_img SPORTS

The moment that rewrote history

At NHK Trophy 2015, a male skater Yuzuru Hanyu placed first in the short program with a world record score. Through live broadcast, figure skating fans all over the world could witness this historic moment. Robycam system captured every detail of exquisite and magnificent skating, and created footage that provided a glimpse of the world as seen by figure skating athletes.

06_img MUSIC

Robycam at last event of National Olympic Stadium

“SAYONARA National Olympic Stadium FINAL” was last music live event that was held in former National Olympic Stadium. Robycam performed its dance in the air above the venue full of fans and captured the moment of two waves colliding and merging – the soul-stirring energy of the artists and the passionate excitement of the fans. Music live events are yet another stage where Robycam manifests the power of its performance.


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