Robycam system is operated by our employees, who received training from Movicom, Robycam’s manufacturer based in Russia, and obtained international licenses. Our staff carries out full-cycle operation starting from setting up the system, which is carefully considered prior to the event and individually for each shoot. First and foremost we value the voice of your imagination – what kind of image YOU want to create, and we then provide complete service to enable the delivery of outstanding footage to the audience – the kind they have never seen before.

  • 4 mounting points cable system

Robycam is a 4 mounting points cable system that among other events was used during Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony. This is the only one system that is always available in Japan that can move with exceptional freedom in the 3D space, delivering incredibly immersive experience to the audience worldwide, overturning the well established standards of image-making.

Dancing in the air with multi-dimensional freedom, capturing moments of deepest emotions.

Robycam 3D System

Robycam 3D system is a unique system which moves camera with exceptional freedom and safety in 3D space. This is possible due to fiber-optical transmission without delay, real-time control of 4 robotic winches, specially developed mathematical formula employed by the control station, most advanced gyrostabilization and motion control technology.

Robycam can work in 3D or 2D mode, as well as move camera vertically within working zone.

The supported cameras are SONY HDC-P1, and also such camera packages as F55+FUJINON ZK4.7×19 or Red Epic. One of the latest software updates made it possible to read pan, tilt, roll angles as well as zoom and focus data and do live broadcast where image from Robycam is combined with CG in real time. We are constantly working on new functions to improve customer experience, such as making it possible to achieve much larger camera height given the same mounting points, or offering an option of permanent installation of the system at a venue.

Robycam Delivers AR World View

AR world view

With Robycam 3D one can use motion control option and receive dolly position coordinates, camera angles, zoom and focus data in real time. The image from the system is combined with CG on the go and broadcasted live, offering for the audience spectacular footage where unique Robycam shots are integrated with the creativity of CG world.

Key Strengths
  • Operation by Japanese crew
  • Performance which offers much more than just raw image material
  • Unrivaled cost performance
  • Safety system that features precision down to 1mm in measurements and software
  • 4K
  • Permanent Installation
  • AR
  • 2016 updated model
AR Augmented reality

Robycam Compact

Robycam Compact

Robycam Compact

Robycam Compact is a smaller, lighter version of Robycam 3D cable-suspended camera.
Same as its bigger brother, the camera can move freely through space in vertical and horizontal dimensions, allowing to shoot spectacular images from the view angles that no other camera can achieve.
Robycam Compact is aimed to cover TV studios and small and medium-size sport venues, such as basketball, tennis, swimming or table tennis halls.

Just like Robycam 3D, which boasts zero accident record, Robycam Compact has also achieved DGUV 17/18 Certificate by DEKRA*.

Robycam Compact is available both for fixed installation or in a mobile variant for multi-event applications.

*DEKRA is a European inspection company founded in Germany.
In Europe, all aerial products must undergo safety and reliability testing and certification by DEKRA.

Permanent installation

Permanent installation is available for both stadium and compact models.
Considerfor a moment theopportunity to permanently install a cable camera system that has been used at Olympics and World Cup class events.We offer you fascinating footage and excellent functionality in a variety of service packages that boast exceptional cost performance.
Robycam can be used for a wide range of applications: from sports, to studio setting, to venue monitoring and security.

Stadium1 Stadium2
Стадион ФК «Краснодар»

Stadium Permanent Installation Showcase

Permanent Robycam installations can be found in several Europeanstadiums. KrasnodarStadium is Robycam’s latest installation. Itis privately ownedandhosts major sporting events such as Europe League and Russian Premier Leaguesoccer matches and international competitions.

Krasnodarstadium opened on October 9th, 2016, and is home to Football Club Krasnodar (a Russian soccer club)

Robycam® 3D Specification
Head ・Complete 3-axis gyrostabilization
・Stabilized and unlimited 360° pan rotation
・Full carbon body
・Pan / Tilt / Roll
Camera ・Sony HDC-P1
・Panasonic AK-HC1800, 1500
・4K camera solution for Sony F55 and Red Epic
Camera control Separate transmission channel for standard RCP (Remote Control Unit)
Lens Wide angle 2/3″ Canon, Fujinon
Lens control Integrated support for Canon and Fujinon lenses with digital drive
Video and data transmission Fiber-optic (single mode)
Movement speed MAX 10 m/s (depends on the working zone)
Movement control ・Operator control from control panel (joystick)
・Motion control
・Working area limits control
Maximum area 250m×250m
Weight Approximately 15kg (dolly and batteries included) *camera, lens and accessories not included
Operation time MAX 8 hours operation without battery change
Operation environment temperature -10℃~40℃
Power supply 200V (custom-made for Japanese market – first of a kind modification)
・4 sets (winch + control box): 200V, 10kw per 1 set, three-phase three-wire system with ground wire
・1 set (fiber optic winch + control box): 200V, 3kw, three-phase three-wire system with ground wire
・Operator desk (control station): 100V, 3kw, parallel type
Safety ・ Integrated double brakes on each winch
・ Integrated limit switches on each winch
・ Real-time whole system automatic control
・UPS for safe emergency stop on each winch
・ Emergency stop switch on each winch and operator desk
・ Ability to set precise software limits in 3D space
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The service we provide for you is unlimited ability to explore the new ways of visual expression.

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