Robycam Japan; Ready? GO!

Metallic silver body and our favorite cool logo… New and shiny Robycam Japan truck is here! Everyone in our team is excited to put it to use!
Just as the Robycam system itself, this truck is something unique, the one of a kind in the world – “Only One and Number One”.  We will load this truck with positive emotions like love and courage, and will deliver them to every corner of Japan.


Robycam annual training

Once a year every year engineers from Russian company Movicom come to Robycam Japan and provide maintenance and training, the event we also use to invite our customers for observation session. In the course of the week the system gets thorough technical check, and staff has the opportunity to learn a lot and strengthen “Team Robycam” yet more than before.


International licenses received

This year 20 of our employees have received Robycam’s international licenses. The time when anyone could simply pay for equipment and use it is coming to an end, and a transition is happening to the industry where one cannot operate special camera equipment without the official license. Such system of licensing is a result of careful consideration and discussion about safety standards between us, equipment users, and manufacturers, and we are proud to have established the official license system and firmly believe it will help to further develop the skills of our technical personnel!


The service we provide for you is unlimited ability to explore the new ways of visual expression.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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