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If you have any questions about our service – live music concerts recording, sports broadcasting, TV commercial shoots and other events, – please let us know and our internationally certified staff will offer you professional support. We are always happy to answer any of your questions or requests, such as “What kind of image can you achieve with Robycam?” or “I was thinking of <…> kind of shot, is it possible to take with Robycam?”

Please feel free to give us a call or use an automated form to file your request.
TEL:+81 3-5761-8600(Business hours 10:00〜18:00)
TEL:+81 3-5761-8600(Business hours 10:00〜18:00)


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General Incorporated Association Robycam Japan (hereinafter referred to as “Robycam Japan”) is governed in accordance with the policy statements listed below in order to protect personal information and privacy of all our stakeholders through monitoring the implementation of those policies and making sure all our employees understand the importance of protecting personal information of any kind.

Management of personal information In Robycam Japan we strictly guard our customers’ personal information through following safety measures: regular maintenance of our security systems to prevent unauthorized access, leaks, loss, corruption or falsification of personal information; regular revision to keep customer information in order, correct and up to date; educating our employees about responsible way of managing personal information.

What personal information is used for Robycam Japan uses customers’ personal information strictly for business correspondence with the customer, provision of explanatory materials on demand and answers to inquiries, and updates on our services.

Prohibition to disclose personal information to a third party Robycam Japan has a system in place to adequately manage client’s personal information, and does not disclose such information to any third party excluding any of the following cases:
 ・customer provides consent to disclose information;
 ・service requested by the customer requires involving subcontractor(s) and providing them such information;
 ・there is a necessity to disclose information in accordance with law.

Safety measures to protect personal information Robycam Japan has sufficient security system in place to ensure accurate management and reliable protection of personal information.

Verification of identity In the cases when a customer wants to correct, delete or make inquiries about personal information, Robycam Japan will honor such request upon verifying the identity of a person making the request.

Compliance management and revision of regulations In regards to personal information in possession of our organization, Robycam Japan strictly complies with law of Japan and other relevant regulations, and strives to regularly revise and improve its privacy policy.

Contact information If you have any questions about privacy policy in our organization, please contact us any time.

General Incorporated Association Robycam Japan
4-5-7 Higashiizumi, Komae city, Tokyo 201-0014 JAPAN
TEL:+81 3-5761-8600 FAX:+81 3-5761-5802

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