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About General Incorporated Association Robycam Japan

Our organization’s goals

General Incorporated Association “Robycam Japan” was established with the main goal of contributing in further development of broadcasting in Asia and shaping the culture of image-creating of new generation. We aim to achieve that through constantly improving customer service, training and supporting promotion of technical personnel working with special camera equipment (so called grip equipment) in and outside of Japan, and creating a highly professional work force with technical skill sets that are indispensable these days in the area of domestic and international broadcast and image-making industry. Our philosophy rests on three pillars – three principles listed below. With these principles in mind we will continue our activities to further contribute in videography culture development through raising and supporting staff that can be professionally involved in camera work anywhere in the world.
  • Robycam
  • camera system
  • 4 mounting points cable camera system


In effort to build a society of love and peace Our day to day work at its core is to create strong emotional connection between the video footage being watched and people who watch it – the the audience, to give them courage or inspire them to follow their dream. And the instrument to do so is videography, supported by professional staff who never ceases to work on taking their skill, and world’s level of technical knowledge, just one more step further, while retaining and promoting the value of becoming better as human beings. The profits earned we use to finance education and volunteer activities, and we see our biggest goal in building a sustainable world filled with love, where there is no place for war.


A spirit to explore unknown and make our own discoveries We acquire newest and rarest camera equipment, train our personnel to use it and receive official operator licenses issued by manufacturers of the equipment, and this way promote a standardized and universal technical education our staff so that they can work with the same equipment not only in Japan but anywhere in the world. We do not follow in someone’s steps; we create our own path and encourage the philosophy “Only One & Number One”


Proud to be top experts in our field We have strong views on keeping safety and risk management as number one priority. Our mission is to contribute in further development of broadcast in Asia, provided by high-level skills using the most advanced and unique camera equipment operated all over the world. Respecting individuality, being results-oriented, we as professionals are confident in our skills.
General Incorporated Association
Robycam Japan 

4-5-7 Higashiizumi, Komae city,
Tokyo 201-0014 JAPAN
TEL:+81 3-5761-8600 FAX:+81 3-5761-5802

President : Takashi Mikami
Director : Kujime Mitsue


The service we provide for you is unlimited ability to explore the new ways of visual expression.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Contact us
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